Saving the landfills, one junk drawer at a time

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106 N. Main St.

Maquoketa, Iowa 52060

Store (563) 652-9961 

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Welcome to Make it Yours Upcycle Center!


We are a non-profit creative reuse center accepting donations of unwanted items that were otherwise destined for the landfills.  The items we collect are sold at low-cost and used by teachers, kids, crafters, artists and others who create projects that give the items new life.


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Make it Yours Upcycle Center gift card

Did you know?...
We have reloadable gift cards to sell here? $10, $15, $20, $25, $50. You can also customize the amount if you wish. $10 is the lowest amount.

These are great gifts for crafters, teachers, churches, clubs and kids.

You can also use them as a craft budget card. Load it monthly with an amount you wish to use on crafts here and this will help you stay on track. (Hint to husbands and boyfriends who keep you on that budget)

You can purchase them and use them at the store or when you see us at craft shows.