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Make it Yours Upcycle Center's Mission is to divert reusable items from landfills, sell them for low-cost, teach creative ways to reuse items by giving them new life.

A word from founding director, Ann M. Lenth

What's it all about?  The vision for Make it Yours Upcycle Center is to divert unwanted but useable items from the landfill by running a non-profit, volunteer run center. We accept clean, reusable creative materials from businesses and individuals. Material donations are to be sold in our reuse store, or used in community workshops. Our creative re-use center also hopes to provide workshops, classes and educational events. We also plan to eventually have a gallery and boutique for crafters to sell/display items made of at least 75% repurposed items.


Are we a non-profit and are donations tax deductible? Yes to both questions.  Just request a receipt when you make your item or monetary donation with us.





Coming Soon..


Are you planning a wedding, party, shower or other special event?  

Are you wondering what you will do with your decorations after the event?

Are you a photographer trying to find special request props for a photo shoot?

Are you running all over creation trying to fine everything you need AND a second job to pay for it?


We have your solution.  Don't buy new, rent used!


That's right, everyone should have the wedding or special event of their dreams without the nightmare of the cost!


This spring we will have items available to rent.  It will be a really simple process and it won't break the bank.  We will have a dedicated room, next to our current store, for viewing these items.  They will also be available to book on-line.


What will we have to offer?


Previously loved Vases, mason jars, pre-made center pieces, linens, trinkets, glassware, china, tea pots, tea sets and tea cups (mix and match), serving dishes, glass punchbowls and cake stands, special signs, artificial flowers, ring bearer pillows, votive candles, flower girl and other baskets, vintage linens including doilies and hankies... and the list goes on.


We will also have vintage and other items that are just right for props and vignette or other displays. We will have vintage typewriters, books, games, cameras, trunks, just to name a few.


And the price?  well of course it is a very small fraction of what you will pay in the cities or anywhere else.


So spread the word because we are here to serve those having events and those who have already had the event and don't know what to do with the decorations. 


Just another way we are saving the landfills one junk drawer at a time.

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First dollar presentation from the DeWitt Chamber & Developement Co.


This store is a MUST for all crafters ! they have it all, have been there twice and ALWAY'S have found new stuff each time! Scrapbooker's you WON'T shop any place else after you visit this place! You won't be disappointed, wonderful lady who run's it also! Go-People-Go!!!!!

--Melody S.

What a wonderful little shop!!! My daughter and I had a blast filling our basket with craft goodies! We went through every section and found so many items to incorporate into our craft projects! And you can't beat the price! If you haven't stop by to check it out please consider doing so. Great way to reuse and save money!

So much fun digging through treasures and knowing it was saved from the horrors of the dump, makes it even more exciting! Perfect for all crafters and upcyclers! Highly recommended and will definitely return for more adventures!

--Amy P.

A great place to pick up craft items, school supplies and all sorts of other goodies!! It's crafters and DIY heaven at a fraction of the cost as well as a great way to reuse (or finish using) things instead of buying brand new when you don't need to. I'll be purchasing paper, pencil sharpeners and other school items for my kids here - MUCH less crazy than Walmart! lol 
And my daughter loves making cards - she is thrilled with the card making and scrap-booking supplies available.



--Angie N.

--Nancy A.

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